BODILE celebrates the dancer as athlete & artist

Passionate, dedicated, disciplined.



BODILE the name, is a blend of the words BODY & Swan Lake’s siren ODILE

She is confident, refined & elegant.

Athletic, ambitious & flirtatious.

Enchanting & enduring.


BODILE was launched in February 2021 after intensive development for two years. The BODILE Concept draws on founder Rebecca Morrice Williams’ lifelong involvement with ballet & her incredible success with BECCA Cosmetics, acquired by Esteé Lauder in 2016

BODILE Collections showcase complete ballet-fashion stories and  limited edition, ready-to-wear designs drop weekly, providing dancers with unique pieces, unavailable in commercial dancewear stores. 


BODILE believes the daily class & rehearsal is as beautiful as the polished performance  - the dancer’s studio fashion is as exciting & expressive as the costumes of the stage



Born from the desire to create an edited range of dancewear to enhance performance while fuelling confidence & expressiveness - to support ballet, beauty & style in the studio every day



BODILE design brings together premium, performance fabrics, signature detailing, and ultra-flattering lines - all with a new level of support & comfort



Rebecca Morrice Williams, the founder & creator of the phenomenally successful cosmetic brand BECCA (acquired by Estee Lauder in 2016) is the creative mind behind BODILE. Inspired at a young age by the pure beauty of ballet, Rebecca would sit for hours watching rehearsals & performances at the West Australian Ballet where her father was Chairman of the Board & her mother its PR manager. This ignited a passion for beauty - the costumes, movement & sheer grace

Ballet has permeated every endeavour Rebecca has undertaken - first as fashion designer with her own line of high-end haute couture, then as creator of BECCA

Coupled with passion & her own dance experience, which continues today for herself & her teenage daughter, Rebecca says her desire to create a stylish brand of elegant & supportive dancewear made from luxurious fabrics became an undeniable calling