The gorgeous BODILE leotard just simply makes me feel so confident whilst dancing. 

The skirts are so elegant that I almost feel like I’min the most comfortable ballet costume.

Matoi Kawamoto | San Francisco Ballet School


I finally wore the sauna shorts today and OMG LOVE!

Breathable, yet makes me SWEAT, so flattering and versatile too!

Love all the details, amazing.

Eka Perunicic | Dancer & Teacher | Former West Australian Ballet

 really love the Sauna Pants as they help me stay warm during the rehearsal period so if I need to demonstrate something, I am less likely to injure myself.

They are also extremely comfortable to teach in as the fabric is elastic enough to follow your movements!

From ballerinas to choreographers or rehearsal director – we all love BODILE Sauna Pants

Sandy Delasalle | Principal Rehearsal Director and Artistic Associate | West Australian Ballet

Seriously these are the best quality sauna pants I’ve had!

Claire Voss | Demi- Soloist | West Australian Ballet

Silky, lightweight fabric that moves with you, without the noise factor and annoying rustle of a traditional trash bag pant.

Will definitely make you sweat and the velvet side seam detailing makes these pants extremely flattering.

I have both the long and short versions and these have retired all my other sauna pants. My new everyday staple! 

Polly Hilton | Soloist | West Australian Ballet


I’m in love with the quality of these products.

BODILE leotards make me look and feel as beautiful as the dancer I am aiming to be.

The intricate details show the care that’s been taken in designing these leotards/skirts and the designs cater to our needs to be both athletic and artistic.

The leotard fits so well, moves exactly how I want it to during class and rehearsals

Emma-Rose Barrowclough | Corps De Ballet | West Australian Ballet

I love the elegant and flattering shape of my BODILE Katerina leotard.

The material is such good quality which makes it not only look nice but also feel nicer to wear.

Kristin Barwick | Corps De Ballet | West Australian Ballet

As a tall and broader dancer, I struggle to find leotards that are cut in such a way that I do not have to spend time constantly adjusting them at the sides, and I have seen and felt how this cut flatters so many different body shapes.

The fabric feel is silky and luxurious and wicks away sweat whilst still showing muscle definition.

The cleverly integrated full inner crop provides superior support (without the line ruining side seam tug that I find happens with other brands incorporating a shelf bra).

Polly Hilton | Soloist | West Australian Ballet


The material is my favourite aspect about BODILE.

The skirt feels luxurious along with the material of theleotard that is a perfect fit with classy details.

Alexa Tuzil | Demi Soloist | West Australian Ballet

It is very important for me to feel comfortable and myself.

I don't only appreciate the soft materials BODILE is using, but also the feeling my leotard and skirt give me while dancing.

I feel secure and enjoy how they look. 

Natascha Mair | Principal | English National Ballet

I am picky when it comes to finding a skirt I like, so I am grateful to have found my new favourite skirt, the ROSINA Wrap Skirt.

It’s the perfect length and I love how well it sits on me.

Kristin Barwick | Corps De Ballet | West Australian Ballet

The rehearsal skirt is a delicate perfect material, not too heavy, not too thin, and as you dance it is an extension of the movement.

Dayana Hardy Arcuda | Principal Dancer | West Australian Ballet


Absolutely obsessed with my new BODILE!  

The leotard material is so soft and most important its flattering. It sits nicely on your body and it’s easy to dance in whether you are just doing class or doing pas de deux work.

The shorts are my new fave - length is perfect and the mesh just adds that extra flair which I love!

To top off the outfit, the ROSA skirt is so cute and makes me feel so graceful. I cannot wait to see what else BODILE bring out!

Definitely a must buy for your ballet wardrobe.

Leonora Voigtlander | Royal New Zealand Ballet


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